Why Focus on Food Policy?

Food security is a necessity of life, recognized as a condition in which all community residents must be able to obtain a safe, culturally acceptable, nutritionally adequate diet through a sustainable food system that maximizes community self-reliance and social justice.

In Adams County, PA we currently have a food system that is significantly affecting the public health, economy and quality of life of county citizens.   20% of our population is food insecure and 30% are suffering from obesity and other food-related diseases. At the same time, our county thrives on agriculture.

This council aims to  bring together a diverse array of stakeholders to examine our current food system,  develop community strategies and influence food related policies in order to ensure all residents have access to a safe, nutritious, affordable and adequate food supply within a sustainable system which promotes the local economy.

The following video is now widely used among community and governmental organization to discuss and understand the caused and effects of the Food Gap: